Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bang Chik Great Day-Tadika Amal 14th Sports Day 2009

2ndAug 2009 was Abg Chik's Tadika Amal's 14th Sport Day. It was a big day for him..Every day they will practice and he will come back singing the sport's song "Hijau pasti menang! Hijau pasti menang!"..He..He..
The sports day was at Stadium Bolasepak Kuala Lumpur, Cheras. It consisted of 6 Tadika Amal all around Keramat and Gombak:-

a) Tadika Amal Taman Keramat (ORANGE HOUSE)
b) Tadika Amal Lembah Keramat (Abg Chik's Tadika) (GREEN HOUSE)
c) Tadika Amal Keramat Permai (BLUE HOUSE)
d) Tadika Amal Taman Jasa (YELLOW HOUSE)
e) Tadika Amal Gombak (RED HOUSE)
f) Amal Hidayah Preschool (PURPLE)

It started at 8.30 am and we had to start from home around 8am.. Bang Chik was still sleepy but was very eager to experience his first Sports Day. He kept admiring and showing his green suit and asked wether it was beautiful or not.. he..he..
On the way, he slept in the car and when I wanted to send him to his group in the field he cried and refused to go..He..He.. He thought that I'm gonna leave him alone there.. Only after he saw his teacher and friends he started to smile and willing to be left there...

Abg Chik rubbing his eyes...He..He..

Abg Chik waiting for his teacher to put the parrot hat
T..a..r..a.....Bang Chik with the parrot hat

Bang Chik with his 4 years old friends (From left: Nabilah, Itqan, Farhan and Bang Chik)

Bang Chik and the gang required to hit the tamborine..he..he..

The medals for the little champions
The hampers...
The macscot for the ORANGE HOUSE- The tigers
They started to parade.. Led by the GREEN HOUSE. Their mascot were Parrots but they looked like cute bears..he..he..
Every school picked their own warrior to represent their school, Bang Chik's house is Saidina Hamzah bin Abu Talib r.a.
The tiger mascot for the ORANGE HOUSE showing their act
The mascot for the RED HOUSE (Mu'az bin Jabal) was a chipmunk
The mascot for the PURPLE HOUSE was Barney he..he...
Bees were the mascot for the YELLOW HOUSE
Canary birds were the mascot for the BLUE HOUSE (Bilal bin Rabah)
Every mascot had their own cute acts he..he..
The BLUE HOUSE with the twin princesses and flower girls.. So cute
Jeng..jeng...jeng.. At last, the moment that we were waiting for arrived.. Bang Chik was involved in the acara 'Gula-gula Bertuah', the only acara for the four years old kids. He had to pick the GREEN sweets only, but what happened was he became 'Rambang mata' and picked sweets of other colours too he..he..
Bang Chik saying 'ibu! Muhammad kat sini bu..' The cute 4 years old team with their baskets..He..he..
1..2..3.. RUNNNN.....
The colourful sweets representing all the 6 house colours
The jury calculating the sweets in Bang Chik's basket
Yeay!!! Eventhough Bang Chik picked the colourful sweets, he still got the medal and token.. He was so happy and proud of himself he..he... He showed the medal and his canary hat to everyone who came to our house..he..he..

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