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Top Ten Things Every Student of Knowledge Should Know

Top Ten Things Every Student of Knowledge Should Know.

Many times young Muslims decide they want to become scholars and embark on the path of knowledge with little knowledge of what to expect. I was such a youngster who signed up for an “‘alim” course with no idea what an ‘alim is or where it would lead me.
In order to help my fellow Muslims prepare themselves psychologically and not repeat the mistakes I made, I present to you ten things I feel every student of knowledge must know (in no particular order):

1.  A few years of study does not make one a scholar:

Too often, young Muslims study a few books or for a few years and then develop a “scholar” complex. They begin to force their opinions on others as if they can’t be wrong. They become intolerant to other views, and they write anybody off who disagrees with them as deviant.
We need to realize, before we even begin our journey of knowledge, that the sciences of Islam are many and deep; the variety of opinions in fiqh are multiple, and the chances of always being right are slim. I advise all of my fellow young Muslims to tread carefully, keep egos in check, approach differences with the possibility of being wrong, and never forget to say “Allah knows best”.

2. Manners come first:

In the past, most scholars would train their students in good manners before teaching them Islamic knowledge. Parents, too, would encourage their children to learn manners before the Islamic sciences.
Sadly, today many institutes do not teach good manners to their students, expecting them to automatically gain them through their study of Islam. This leads to Islamic teachers with bad manners, which in turn chases people away from Islam.
In this regard, anybody who is studying or teaching Islam must learn the proper manners of dealing with people, mercy, tolerance, and being non-judgmental and must possess a personality that attracts people; otherwise, we might do more harm than good.

3. Studying Islam does not make one immune to sin:

Some people have the misconception that if they study Islam, they will reach a level of piety from which they can’t slip. The reality is that Shaytan tries even harder to lead people of knowledge astray as it has a more detrimental effect on the community as a whole.
So instead of temptations growing less, they are more likely to increase and intensify as Shaytan tries to use every means at his disposal to lead us astray. We need to realize this, prepare for it, and never let our guard down as the Shayateen try very hard to make a knowledgeable Muslim fall astray.

4. People will judge you:

While we should not be judgmental to people as Islamic teachers, the reality is that people will still judge you. Many people are intimidated by practicing Muslims. When they see a practicing Muslim, they see their own flaws and deficiencies and so they search for fault in that individual. We should not be surprised if people judge our clothing, mannerisms or weaknesses; it is their way to try and console themselves or justify their sins. We need to always keep this in mind and be able to respond appropriately.

5. You represent your Faith:

When a person chooses to study Islam, especially once they earn a title, they automatically become a representation of the deen. When people see an Imam or a Shaykh, they expect to see a living example of Islam. If people see such a person sinning, they will either lose respect for him and become disillusioned about Islam, or they will take it as proof that it can’t be that big a sin. Either way, for an Islamic teacher, our lives represent our deen, so we should always be careful not to give a wrong impression of Islam.

6. You will be tested:

Undoubtedly, life is a test and every human is being tested all the time in different ways. However, one should not think that because one is studying Islam and teaching it, Allah will grant a life of ease and comfort. Rather, history proves that those closest to Allah are the most severely tested. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The most severely tested people are the prophets, then those closest to them in piety then those closest to them.”
Be prepared to be tested and take it as a sign that Allah loves you and wants to test your love for Him. Remember that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,
“Whoever embarks on a path to study Islam has embarked on the path towards Paradise.”
It is not the information alone that takes a person to Paradise; it is his fulfillment of its rights by understanding, practicing and preaching it to others and dealing with all the problems that go along with this that ultimately leads to Paradise.

7. Studying should not be an end; rather it should be a step to a higher goal:

I have met many Moulanas, Imams and Shaykhs with no goals or aspirations. Despite the ummah having so many issues that need dealing with, these men don’t seem to care. Upon further analysis, I realized that they set out to study with one of the following goals:  to please their parents, to get a title, or to get the knowledge. Once they obtained the knowledge, they did not know or care about what to do next, so they carried along with their lives like donkeys carrying books.
Any person who studies Islam should be introspective and find a good motivation to study. Perhaps you would like to become a da’ee and a means of guidance for non-Muslims. Perhaps you would like to establish an Islamic centre in an area that needs one. Perhaps you would like become a mujtahid in a field that is lacking many quality scholars. Whatever you decide, it should be something noble that you wish to do for the sake of Allah after completing your studies. In short, studying should not be a goal but a means to help accomplish higher goals.

8. You can’t change everyone:

In life, we do not always get what we want. Similarly, in Islamic work things don’t always go our way. Remember that not everybody you meet will agree with you, listen to you or accept your message. Rather, there will always be people who will disagree with you or flat out reject you. This is reality and we have to be prepared for this by realizing guidance is only in Allah’s Hands, and we are only responsible for conveying the message.

9.  You will make mistakes:

Many of us study Islam to make up for the sins of our past. Yet, being humans, we are never free from sins and mistakes and so some people become depressed and give up Islamic work when they realize that they are now knowledgeable but still occasionally fall into sin.
The truth is that the Shaytan wants us to quit and by doing so we are just playing into his hands, but Allah is Most Forgiving to those who repent. Every time you fall down and make a mistake, pick yourself back up, turn to Allah in repentance and try again to be a good Muslim, and never EVER allow your sins or mistakes stop you from doing Islamic work. Rather, it should motivate us to do more Islamic work so that our good deeds outweigh our sins on the Last Day.

10. The reward for studying and teaching Islam is worth it:

While most of the above make it seem like Islamic Work is a difficult field, that is not the purpose of this article. The purpose was solely to prepare for the many challenges and responsibilities we face while trying to serve Allah.
The reality is that the reward of dealing with all of the above is truly worth it, whether it is the rewards in this world or in the akhirah. As far as the akhirah goes, we know that the path of knowledge leads to Paradise but additional to that is the fact that insha’Allah you will get the rewards for the good deeds of those you teach or inspire to do good.
In this sense, it is one of the only good deeds we can do where the reward keeps multiplying. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: charity which continues to benefit, knowledge he left behind which people benefit from, and righteous children who pray for him.”
As far as this world goes, the greatest reward an Islamic worker can receive in this world is seeing the fruits of his efforts. When a person tells you they changed and became a better Muslim because of your influence or when a person takes their shahadah at your hands, there is no feeling equal to it, and any sacrifice you have being through for the deen feels worth it.
So, my beloved brothers and sisters, let us study Islam, seeking its rewards yet knowing the responsibilities and trials that go along with it. I wrote this firstly as a reminder to myself as well as to anybody else involved in the field of Islamic Studies. May Allah keep us all steadfast on His deen.  Ameen.

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Syukran jazilan Teacher Junaidah di atas perkongsian yang menarik ini... Semoga bermanfaat..

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Bab Dalam Buku Catatan Hati Nik Nur Madihah

Disebabkan "DiSebalik Wajahku" meminta saya menyenaraikan bab yang ada dalam buku ini maka saya sertakan di sini..

1-Kehidupan Yang Penuh Kenikmatan
2-Oh, Inilah Kenikmatan
3-Lautan Dan Kehidupannya
4-Menunggu Bas Rutinku
5-3 Tahun Yang Rumit
6-Cara Belajarku
7-Hablu Minallah, Hablu Minannas
8-Negeriku Kelantan
9-Hati Berdebar
10-Musim Tengkujuh
11-Saatnya 20A
12-Berubah Luar Biasa!
13-Menjadi Tetamu Allah
14-Madiha Di Mata Kami
15-Sifat Pelajar Cemerlang

Baru 2 hari lepas saya mendengar kuliah maghrib di Masjid As-Sobirin oleh Prof Syafie yang telah mengeluarkan buku Al-Huffaz (pernah diceritakan dulu)... Antara soalan yang dilontarkan oleh beliau adalah siapakah orang yang berjaya menurut Al-Quran? Saya terlupa surah yang mana tetapi ukuran orang yang berjaya bukan orang yang memiliki rumah, kereta besar serta aset yang banyak tetapi adalah mereka yang dekat dengan Al-Quran kerana orang2 ini adalah golongan yang dicintai Allah.. Bukan sekadar tahu membaca, tetapi memperbaiki bacaan, menghafal serta memahami dan mengamalkan isi Al-Quran.. Inilah orang2 yang berjaya dunia dan akhirat.. Kerana itu bacalah buku ini dan ciri pelajar yang bakal berjaya dunia dan akhirat itu ada di dalamnya.

Antara soalan lain yang ditanya ialah "Berapa ramai pelajar  cemerlang yang ditemuramah menjawab kejayaan mereka hasil kurniaan Allah SWT (sepertimana jawapan Nabi Sulaiman dalam Surah An-Naml bila ditanya tentang kerajaan hebat yang dimilikinya), kebanyakannya menjawab ia hasil usaha mereka bertungkus -lumus belajar, menumpukan perhatian dalam kelas, latih -tubi, makanan kecerdikan, kelas tambahan dan sebagainya.. Ia seumpama jawapan Qarun bila ditanya tentang kekayaan yang dimilikinya..

Semalam saya bertemu dengan Forum "Sekolah Agama atau Maahad Tahfiz".. Saya pasti pembaca blog ini semuanya dari kalangan yang punya cita2 yang sama dengan saya dan semua ibu-bapa dalam Forum ini. Saya kongsikan disini linknya untuk manfaat bersama  semoga kita lebih memahami apakah situasi yang bakal kita hadapi bila memilih jalan ini.. Sayangnya saya tidak pandai untuk masuk dan menyertai Forum ini.. Ada yang ingin saya tanyakan pada ibu-bapa yang lebih berpengalaman di luar sana..Moga Allah membuka jalan untuk saya nanti..
Berikut adalah linknya.. (terdapat 5 m/s yang mengandungi soal-jawab)
Forum Hantar Anak ke Sek Agama atau Tahfiz?

Semoga bermanfaat Insya-ALLAH..

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Be Like An Orange!!!


Messenger of Allah (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallam) Said: "T...he example of a believer, who recites the Qur’an and acts on it, is like an orange (utrujjah) which tastes nice and smells nice.

And the example of the believer who does not recite the Qur’an but acts on it is like a date that tastes sweet but has no smell.

And the example of the hypocrite who recites the Quran is like a sweet basil which smells good but tastes bitter.

And the example of a hypocrite who does not recite the Qur’an is like a colocynth (bitter apple) which tastes bitter and has a bad smell."

[Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim ].

Commentary: This Hadith tells us that a believer who recites the Qur’an and acts upon it, Allah will grant him a high rank. He is loved by Allah and also enjoys public esteem. The believer who does not recite it but acts upon its teachings is also loved by Allah and people. The hypocrite who recites the Qur’an to have a good show has an evil and dark mind. Last of all comes that hypocrite who does not recite the Qur’an and has a dark mind and appearance.

Source for the above: Riyadh ul Saleeheen

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Surat Buat Anak Yang Menyentuh Hati....

Bila membaca apa yang dikongsikan oleh ummu ammar dalam blog beliau saya terus teringatkan Tok Munah (ibu mummy) yang sedang gering sekarang.. Apa yang dinukilkan tak ubah seperti apa yang sedang dialami oleh Tok... Bila  kami melawatnya di rumah mak ngah dia akan mengulang2 tanya perkara yang sama, sudah tidak mampu ke bilik air cuma memakai pampers dan adakalanya tidak mahu mandi...

Saya kongsikan di sini apa yg ditulis oleh Ummu Ammar buat peringatan untuk diri saya yang masih punya mummy dan abah, buat adik2 saya yang membaca blog ini serta buat anak2 saya yang dikasihi....

"Anakku ...ketika aku semakin tua,  

Aku berharap kamu memahami,dan memiliki kesabaran untukku
Saat ketika aku memecahkan piring, atau menumpahkan sup di atas meja
Lantaran penglihatanku yang kian pudar, aku berharap kamu tidak memarahiku
Ketahuilah orang tua sepertiku sensitif jiwanya, selalu merasa bersalah jika kamu membentak

Ketika pendengaranku semakin hilang  

Dan aku tidak bisa mendengar apa yang kamu katakan
Aku berharap kamu tidak memanggilku TULI.
Mohon diulangi apa yang kamu katakan atau tuliskan untukku
Maaf, anakku . . aku semakin tua

Ketika lututku mulai lemah, aku berharap kau miliki kesabaran 

Untuk membantuku berdiri, sebagaimana aku selalu membantumu, 

Sewaktu kamu masih kecil dan bertatih

Aku mohon jangan pernah bosan denganku, ketika aku terus mengulangi apa yang aku katakan umpama kaset yang rosak,
Aku berharap kamu terus mendengar bicaraku
Jangan sesekali mengejekku atau bosan tuk mendengarkan suaraku ...
Apakah kamu ingat waktu kamu masih kecil dan kamu inginkan sebiji belon ???
Kamu ulangi permintaanmu berulang-ulang kali, sehingga kamu dapat apa yang kamu inginkan

Maafkan juga bauku ..bau insan yang sudah tua
Aku mohon jangan memaksaku untuk mandi..tubuhku lemah sekali
Orang tua sepertiku mudah sakit kerana alah pada kedinginan
Aku jua berharap aku tidak jijik di matamu
Apakah kamu ingat ketika kamu masih kecil ???
Aku selalu mengejarmu kerana kamu enggan mandi,
Anakku, aku menagih kesabaranmu terhadapku ...

Aku harap kamu bersabar ketika aku selalu lemah ...lantaran fitrah seorang tua ..
Kamu akan pasti mengerti jika kamu melaluinya kelak

Jika kamu memiliki waktu luang, aku berharap kita bisa berbicara
Walau hanya beberapa minit
Kerana aku kesunyian sepanjang waktuku, tiada teman untuk berbicara,
Aku tahu kesibukanmu dengan kerjaya
Jika kamu tidak berminat dengan bicaraku sekalipun

Aku mohon luangkan waktumu bersamaku ...
Apakah kamu ingat waktu kamu masih kecil ...
Aku selalu mendengar apapun bicaramu, tentang segala alat mainanmu ...

Maaf, ketika saatnya tiba ...saat aku hanya terbaring kesakitan
Ketika aku tidak mampu mengurus diriku
Aku berharap kamu memiliki kesabaran untuk menjagaku..
Untuk saat-saat terakhir dalam hidupku

Aku mungkin tidak akan hidup lebih lama ...
Ketika kematian menjemputku, aku berharap kamu selalu bersamaku,

Dan memberikan kekuatan untukku menghadapinya

Dan jangan kamu bimbang wahai anakku ...
Pada Sang Pencipta ...aku akan memohon Kepada-Nya ..
Agar sentiasa memberkatimu"

Semoga mak ngah, pak ngah dan K.Aida diberikan kesabaran dan ganjaran yang besar kerana menjaga tok...