Saturday, August 29, 2009

Creamy Seafood Carbonara vs Tiramisu

Dah promise Along Nooraini nak bagi receipy Creamy Seafood Carbonara si Syeedah.. (Mintak izin yea Syeedah copy receipy :-D). Maaf ye long lambat sket...


3 tbs butter
3tbs flour
3 cups of fresh milk
1/2 cup of cheddar cheese

1/2 cup of mozarella
salt & pepper


3 tbs butter, panaskan, bila dah cair, masukkan 3 tbs flour, then goreng, remove from heat, masukkan 3 cups of fresh milk. then stir, pastu bring to boil, slow the heat, kacau til it's thick. in another saucepan, masukkan 1/2 tbs butter, then saute garlic, masukkan prawn and clam. pastu bila dah 3/4 cook, masuk dalam sauce tadi. pastu stir, grate cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

And below are the photos of the Tiramisu that my sifu (Ina) thought me before she went back to Sudan.. It tastes delicious yummy yummy.. Few days after that I tried again and walla... It looked good and was irresistable... This time as adviced by Ina I put a bit more give a stronger taste..Mmmm yummy.. Thanks dear Ina..
When the layer is finished
From side.. Note at Ina's hand instructed something he.he..
After sprinkling cocoa powder
My trial after few days, I put a bit more cocoa powder
And again before the great receipy lost I'd better type it here..
Ingredients (A)
2-3 tbs of nescafe granules
half a jug of water
(Mix and keep in fridge to cool)
Ingredients (B)
Whipped cream
1-2 tbs icing sugar
(Whipped until peaks form)
Ingredients (C)
2 tubs of philly cheese
2 egg yolks
3 tbs of icing sugar
Other ingredient
Cocoa powder
Lady fingers
How to do:
1- Dip lady fingers into nescafe mix. Arrange in a container
2- Mix B & C =D
3- Put D on top of the lady fingers until all is covered
4- Put another layer of lady fingers and covered with D..
It takes only less than 20 minutes to do it.. Happy trying and it is called Tiramisu Ina's Style he..he.. The lady fingers can be found in Cold Storage.. I took the picture of the lady fingers but cannot find it.. Now only I know that Lady fingers not only meant for 'Sayur kacang Bendi'..he..he..


  1. tgh2 puasa ni terliur tgk, slluurrpp!!!

  2. along tak berapa suka with lady fingers sbb the recipe i made tu turned out soggy. So, i opt with cake biasa.
    anyway... terliur gak nih

  3. Dear Xplorer,
    Sedap!! Macam Secret receipy

    Dear Along,
    My sifu cakap soggy tu sbb kita celup lama.. Dia ajar cara celup cepat2..he..he..Ni buat cepat kalau kek biasa kena bakar2..Later bila baby besar sket