Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secret Meeting !!!

Abg Chik: Baby, can you keep a secret?
Baby : Mmmm okie dokie

Baby : What is your secret with abang Ngah?
Abg Chik: Well.. Shhh.. We already designed new weapons..

Abg Chik: We came out with the ideas suddenly you know.. bla..bla..bla..
Baby : Wow it sounds interesting! Can I look at those things?? Please..Please..

Abg Chik: Look, abg Ngah created the Wolverine weapon..Cool right!

Abg Chik: Mine one was a sword. We made it using straws...

Abg Chik: I tried to made the Wolverine one like Abg Ngah but.. aah..It's quite difficult..

Baby: Ha..Ha..Ha.. It looks so funny.. !!

Abg Chik: Look I told you already to keep quiet.. Why do you laugh like that! Shhh...
Baby : Oops Sorry.. I can't stand it..

Baby: You know I have a better idea.. Come nearer so that I can tell you the secret.. Pstt..pstt..pstt..

Abg Chik: Ha..Ha..Ha.. Yes..Yes.. It was a great idea.. I'll have a meeting with abg Ngah. Thanks baby..

Baby: Ha..Ha..Ha.. See..I told you already..

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