Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They Are Jewels! (Updated with pics)

After cutting the cake.. The biscuit a bit dry, next time need to put a little bit more butter (Sorry the plate tak cantik..he..he..)

After taking out from the container

In the container.. I pour halagel powder jelly on top (1/2 packet mix with water)
So how is the outcome Sifu?? he..he.. Next time will make for you.. :)
I cooked simple dishes yesterday. Only "CARBONARA" he..he.. Dah takleh tahan bila dengar perkataan Carbonara disebut2 lam e-mail. Last time dah pernah buat ikut receipy dlm blog Syeedah but can't remember... Have to search in her blog again. Quite difficult as her blog dah byk and it is not grouped as receipy under Label. At last found and we had carbonara.. Yummy! I should tempek here the receipy so that I can always find it he..he.. Will update this post with receipy later coz I have to search again in Syeedah's blog...'sigh'

Then I remember I got enuff ingredients to make non-bake cheesecake using Ina's receipy. Walla.. It turns out to be very-very delicious. Hubby and kids love it so much..Cam 'Secret Receipy' they claimed..Ina also had teached me how to do Tiramisu cake. Will upload the receipy and photo later. I'd never imagine how simple it is and really thankful to Ina for teaching me lots of things while she was in M'sia beside her busy schedule..He..He.. I always regard that she was sent by Allah to me (Allah who always know the whisper in our heart).. May Allah help her in every way ..

Thank you Allah for giving me wonderfuls friends... "They are JEWELS"..and today we had cheesy dishes..he...he.. Lucky that my uric acid was normal again after second test on 1st August..(Cheese is not good for people with high uric acid..but I really love cheesy food 'sigh')Only left cholesterol level that need to be lowered down.. I'm taking Pristin Fish Oil Capsule now once a day.. Insya-Allah hopefully the level will go down.

Ina's Non-baked Cheesecake Receipy (Will update the photo later so that my Sifu can grade my cake..Should I get 3 or 4 Star SIFU?? he..he..)

10-12 marie biscuits (aku suka guna digestives biscuits)
2 tbs soften butter/margarine
2 tbs ground almonds, with 1/2 tbs extra ( aku guna sliced almonds, bakar dulu baru crispy)
300 gm pack of philly cream cheese @ room temperature
1/2 cup icing sugar (more if you like it sweet)
1 ts vanilla essence
1 tbs lemon juice
1 cup whipping cream
Fruit topping

Brush sides of 8" springfoam (SF) pan with butter, then sprinkle some ground almonds
In food processor, ground biscuits then mix with 2 tbs butter and 2 tbs ground almonds to form breadcrumb-like dough
Press biscuit mixture at the bottom of SF pan
Leave to chill in the fridge while you prepare the filling
In a bowl, mix cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla essence and lemon juice
In another bowl, whip cream till soft peaks form (aku suka add a tbs of icing sugar, tak yah pun takpe)
Fold cream into cheese mixture till well incorporated
Pour filling into SF pan
Cover and chill for at least 2 hours (the longer the better)
To serve run a knife at the sides of SF pan before releasing the cheesecake
Top with your favourite fruit (aku suka slices of peach, you can even use strawberry jam or something similar)


  1. achik,
    along pon baru buat non-baked cheese cake.
    nnt nak try la recipe nih. upload eh pic nya ;P

    jgn lupa juga resepi carbonara tu. i have one, tp nak try achik nye lak.

  2. Dear Zana,

    Hehehe... makin sayang la Farik kat ko...hehehe. Aku baru perasan resepi tu aku bagi ye...senang dan cepat kan? Yang penting sekali sedap sangat...hehehe

  3. Along,
    Nih nak update pic.. Along kasi Along nyer receipy lak for both kay. Or dah ada lam FP?

    Mmg makin sayang.. Kalo aku cakap Ina nak dtg umah or nak buat muffin/kek ke apa Ina bg receipy.. Senyum sampai telinga.. Dia bangga bini dia pandai buat kek akhirnya..he...he..

  4. Dear Zana,

    Maybe ko kena letak banyak sikit peach slices. Lagi satu kalo nak cantik sikit, kat tepi tu letak almond slices sahaja. The crumbs bubuh kat bawah aje. Biar rupa tak cantik tapi sedap dimakan...hehehe. Eh, tepung ko masih ada kat rumah aku... sekali ngan sekotak whipped cream (ada 12 kot dalam tu). Nanti aku suruh adik aku hantar. Boleh la ko bagi As and Nora sikit. Boleh buat tiramisu or cheese cake untuk bulan posa...or raya...