Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kosmopolitan Lake, Kepong

The H1N1 cases in M'sia is rising, till today the number stands at 56 death cases.. Amirah ( Along carpool's partner) was down with fever for 3 days already...Her brother from one of the Maahad in Kelantan was sent back home due to high fever also.. 13 students were absent in one of the standard 1 class in Along and angah's school and sometimes they have no classes because the teachers also suffering the fever/cough/cold..Last week abg Chik and along were down with fever but Alhamdulillah only for 2 days.. but abang Chik still has coughing off and on.

The masks in the pharmacy were sold out like 'goreng pisang panas'. In Kelantan the RM1 mask is even sold at RM5. Lucky we had spares from the SARS epidemic last time.. The world has coming nearly to an end.. a lots of peringatan from Allah under the name of epidemic diseases and people are still not bothered.. So scary! May Allah help and protect us always!

Ustaz Asri from Kumpulan Rabbani passed away yesterday (Thu 13 Aug 09) due to heart attack.. I'm not a big fan of him but I use to read about him in my fav magazine (ANIS).. He was one of the pejuang ...May Allah Bless his soul..The day was somber...

So the kids are at home.. No more outdoor activities...Not sure till when..The house has turned into the playground and school sometimes with myself (most of the time) as the co-ordinator and teacher..

One of the activities that we used to do was kite flying at Kosmopolitan Lake..Which now can only be enjoyed by looking at the pictures sob..sob..

Kosmopolitan Lake situated on the left hand side of the MRR2 ....On the way to FRIM.

In 2008 (Before baby Mawaddah was born):

They had fun riding the bicycles in the big compound (Adik was 3, angah 7 and along 10).. Adik can already cycle 4 wheels bicycle. Along and angah can ride 2 wheel bicycles already

There's also a train ride around the big lake and the tickets were very-very cheap... RM3-4 per adult and RM2 per child per ride

Along's favourite baby brother

Angah in action- sorry no picture of the kite

Hubby helping adik to fly the kite

Getting prepared to fly the kite

Along arrived first! Adik tried to catch up..he..he

In 2009 (After baby was born)

We went again for picnic, kite flying and bicycle ride. We went in the morning and bought nasi lemak, meehoon, doughnuts, teh 'o' panas and plain water... Kites were sold there ranging from RM5 (the cheapest) until RM15..Hubby bought Sponge Bob and the kids chose their own kites . It is made of plastic not like when we are small we made kite using the newspaper and bamboo or lidi. The new kites now can even be folded and be kept when not in use.

Big playground waiting..he..he..

This is the place that the kids love to cycle because there were fountains around the area but at that time there was a 'kenduri kawin' held there.. So they rode at the playground area..

Baby in the pram with her bantal bucuk

This is not our kite, this is one of the proffesional who use a parachute and parasailing technique .He controlled the kite using both arms... Beautiful huh!

Along with her cute kite

There were so many kites on top of us.. Beautiful and colourful!!

But adik a.k.a Abg Chik was only flying his kite on the ground..He..He.. He keeps running with the kite.

Macho Mu'az..He..He..

Hopefully our country will be free from the H1N1 soon.. Really miss the outings..

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