Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clown at the CURVE

In May 2008, there was a Health Day for Allianz and Vitacare was there too... but what was the important things that I wanna highlight here was the Clown and face/body painting session. The kids love to hang there just because of this clown and painting thingy He.. He.. He.. Just look at their actions..
On the way to the curve - Muhammad the 'Bee Boy' He..He..
Along at the Kids painting corner
Dah siap.. Minnie Mouse girl
Angah's turn
Spiderman boy
Adik's turn
Another Spiderman boy - He'll follow what Angah chose
1 Superheroin and 2 Superheroes showing their painting.. Like Panglima, one with botol susu
Then went to Baskin Robbin treat..
Along got another butterfly on her cheek
Along n angah with Mr. Clown. Adik still takut...
Adik became friend with Mr. Clown, got a sword then
Yeay at last baru berani ambik gambar with Mr. Clown.. Cheese!

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