Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tadika Amal Parent-Teacher's Day

Thursday 28th May was Tadika Amal's Parent-Teacher's Day. There was no school for that day and the parents had to go to the school to meet the class teacher of their kids to know the progress of their children. I went with adik and baby since hubby had to go to work. Adik's class teacher was teacher Nadrah. There were only 6 students in his class since they were the youngest (4 years old). There were 2 more classes for 5 years old and 6 years old respectively. Upon talking to the teacher, I was very impressed with adik's progress as he already can read certain doa with meaning, solat, taking ablution and tracing the number or alphabatical dots. He was already reading Iqra' 2 (there are 6 books in Iqra' before the children can read Al-Quran) and going to read Bacalah Anakku book 2 (there are 9 books in bacalah anakku before the child can read on their own).Below are some of the art and craft that adik had done in his class..

A rainbow fish he..he..he..

Apple and chilly made from f lour .. So CUTE!!

A brown elephant

Cut and paste activity

Printing using onion cutting shape

SUBUH..They learned about time to pray

As a tribute to Prophet Muhammad's birthday

They even learned about things that can be used for "Istinjak"..Amazing for 4 years old huh! Ibu and abah only learned that while in Standard 5.. He..He..

Adik with his class teacher - Teacher Nadrah

Adik's class. I forgot to ask the class name. My camera met with an accident, thus the pictures are not so clear. I'm eyeing for a new camera now..He..He.. I love Ina's camera coz the photos that she took look very clear and sharp.

This Tadika Amal is only 3 minutes walk from my house and I'm glad that we made the right decision to send adik there early this year. So I think adik will be here till 6 years old as he loves the school very much. What I like most about this school is they instill the Islamic value to the children in interesting manners. Adik at home can follow abah in jamaah prayer. Amazingly, he can also recite Al-Fatihah fluently but the rest of the bacaan in the solat he'll immitate and mumbling his own version He..He..He.. The most funniest bacaan that he used to recite is the meaning of doa makan in English which I do not understand the head or tail and only hear "hell fire" -api neraka.. He..He.. Actually it should mean "Ya Allah, berkatilah kami dengan apa-apa yang telah Kau rezekikan kepada kami dan jauhkanlah kami orang-orang Islam dari siksaan api neraka" if I'm not mistaken.. and he has dozens of songs that he will sing everyday to baby Mawaddah...He..He.. One of it will be

"Bangun pagi, gosok gigi,
cuci muka, terus mandi,
pakai baju, minum susu,
pegi sekolah Tadika Amal.. "

During my confinement, instead of 11.30am, adik had to come back at 2.30 pm by van. I have to put him to transit as I cannot take care of both baby and him at home.. Pity my poor big baby, he had another accident under his chin when he fell down while playing.. Sob..Sob..Sob.. But starting June he'll be back as usual by van..He just love the short ride which he always called as "Geng Bas Sekolah". Really miss his bubbly chat..

Adik just came back from pre-school. Assalammualaikum ibu, adik dah balik!

Another accident under his chin..

One of his favourite game at home, Teng-teng.. He..He..

My two adorable companions at home

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