Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dah besar baby ibu..

I'd never regret my decision to resign in May08... Syukur Alhamdulillah for giving me the bundle of joy who keep me busy everyday. Watching her grow in front of my eyes everyday, cuddling and nursing her is the best-ever experience that I'd ever have in my life-time.. Thank you Allah .... Rasanya kalau nak ditukarkan dengan apa pun tak nak rasanya..

Kerja Insya-ALLAH kemudian-kemudian nanti pun boleh kalau perlu ... Nilah the only time yang ada utk bersama anak-anakku masa diorang kecil.. Dah besar tak leh nak pusing balik masa dah... To be with them whenever they need me and to be there always to greet them when they come back from school.. To be always there to be the first to see their first smile, first laugh, first step, first of everything .. So exciting! To cook for them and hubby too though I'm not a good cook.. Thanks to my dear fren Syeedah, Nora and along-Noraini (for their blogs/FP yg penuh dengan receipy).. Pandai gak anak mummy masak akhirnya He3x

Special thanks to my dear hubby too for his understanding, blessing and encouragement to pursue whatever I love to do...
BABY MAWADDAH 1 - 3 Months Old

Baby playing with her 'peek-a-boo ELMO Gym'

Baby first smile at 2 months - very hard to capture this moment!! After few times trial baru dapat this pic.. CHEESE!!

Jalan-jalan time.. Suka sgt naik kereta coz ada air-cond...He3x

Watching her sleep- So adorable and innocent... Made it even harder for me to leave her under other people's care..

At 2 months old- She will nibble on her chubby hand to show that she's hungry..

In her first dress during her kenduri akikah (the dress tu hadiah daripada Tok Chik)
Tok chik and baby

The very kind hearted Tok Chik..A day before kenduri akikah, Tok chik called and offered untuk jahitkan dress untuk baby pakai masa akikah.. I was really touched... Tok Chik married to mummy's uncle.. I just knew that she was my neighbour cum my sedara few years back.. How Great ALLAH was.. Even during my confinement for Mawaddah she brought the daun2 for mandi and cooked gulai ikan for me.. Coincidently, her daughter Hafizah merupakan rakan se universiti (USM) but only on the last day kat USM baru kitorang tahu yang kitorang bersaudara..Fiza also had given birth to a baby girl (the 1st girl in the family after having 4 boys and was named Aisyah Humaira) 9 days after I gave birth to Mawaddah.. May Allah repay Tok Chik's good deeds and the happiness that Tok Chik and family brought into our family... Amiin

Baby at 1 month plus in different posings (masa ni still pakai sarung tangan coz dia suka garu muka)

On baby's 39th days, makcik Aida (my mak angkat) who used to organize the Usrah at her house had made the Majlis Maulidurrasul and asked me to bring baby for TAHNIK by Ustaz Roslan Mohammad. Alhamdulillah baby was very well behave that night. She slept the whole time. I was really worried that baby will cry or what... Pandai anak ibu..

Ustaz Roslan menTAHNIKkan baby
( TAHNIK is the Sunnah where whenever we have a newborn baby, we will bring him/her to the ulama' to put in the madu or kurma + air zam-zam into the mouth after chewing it with his mouth with doa' and hope that our children will be as soleh as him and only speaks good words)

Muhammad diTAHNIKKAN oleh Ustaz Wan Sohor Bani Leman while both along and angah diTAHNIKkan oleh my husband coz masa tu tak join any Usrah.

Ustaz Roslan making jokes before the TAHNIK session
Makcik Aida and baby

My beloved mak angkat.. I really thanks Allah for giving me such a good neighbour which I can regard as my own mother. Who gave me light when I'm in the darkness, the light of mengenal Allah and Islam through the Usrah. Who had devoted her life dan membenarkan rumahnya dijadikan sebagai tempat usrah .. Who always lending her hands to help in whatever situations eventhough she was also in trouble..

It had been more than 7 years that my family and I joined M.cik Aida's Usrah.. I started to know her from the class arranged for ladies at the mosque. I was really in the darkness that time, rasa kosong sangat jiwa ini tanpa sebarang pengisian and I kept praying to Allah to guide me to the right way.. Alhamdulillah Allah answers my prayers dengan mempertemukan aku dengan M.cik Aida... Long life to dear M.cik Aida and may Allah bless her kind heart and all the good deeds that she had done... kerana tempias daripada kebaikan itu dapat juga kami rasakan..

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