Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Story of the boys & Genting trip

I know that this is an old story but I just love to keep all the photos as it speaks thousand of words. As Ina said, this is our blog and we have the right to write whatever and whenever that we would like to write. I've less time but lots of memories that I would like to put in my blog, hopefully I'll be on the same pace with Ina, Syeedah, Nora and Nini sooner....

The kids always wanted to go to a cool place. So in 2007 we decided to take them to Genting Park. Moreover in Dec 2006 I went to Beijing for company trip and bought them the winter jacket which cost only RM40/piece while in M'sia the cost was more than 100 bucks/piece. Luckily that day there was not many people there and we bought the outdoor park tickets. It was really windy and cold so the kids had chance to try on their jacket.. He..He.

It was very cold and they were happy trying on the jackets

We also went on cable car ride. Actually there were 2 types of cable cars. The one that we took was cheaper and the ride also longer. Much much more cheaper than the Langkawi one. That was the first time the kids had a ride on the cable car.. They shouted happily when looking down, up and around. The view was so beautiful..

Waitting for the cable car.

On the cable car. The scar on adik's left eyebrow can be seen clearly

Hugging each other on the cable car. Both of them were very close like twin

At that time Angah was only 6, along 9 and adik 2. But when it came to the bumper car adik cried so loud coz he wanted to join angah. Lucky the person in-charge there was so kind to let adik ride with angah with one condition. Adik has to fasten his belt.. Lucky adik understood the instruction He3x...

Adik and angah on bumper car

If you look at the photo you can see that angah's front teeth all went missing. He tried to hide it by shutting his mouth tight when we snap his picture He.. He.. He..

Angah tried to hide his missing teeth.. He..He..It started like this. Angah who was in kindergarten PUSPETA banged into his friend. They might have been running very fast..His gums became swollen and turned very red. Pity my dear boy.. He had a fever for more than a week, he can't eat properly and was in great pain. When his fever subsided we took him to the dentist Dr. Malek, we might have gone to Auntie Nita if she was in M'sia. He said all his front teeth cannot be saved anymore so all the four teeth had to be pulled out. The 4 teeths also goyang already due to the accident, so Dr. Malek pulled out the teeth and it took few months for the new teeths to come out.

Look at angah and his missing teeths. Kesian dia...

When angah was 4, he broke his arm when we left him and along at IKEA Smalland. I took his photo as well but need to be scanned. After that we had never leave them again.. PHOBIA!!
When you have boys in the house you must be ready for this I think... Adik at 1 plus when started to run, ran and hit his head at the sharp edge of the wall.  Lucky he is a boy.. sigh.. Everywhere we go, everybody will ask about the scar.. It looks so obvious... look at the above photo..

To both my dear boys next time if you have active kids in your house you know from where they got the genes okay..

With Mr. Energizer

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