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Hari Sukan Al-Amin 2008

Al-Amin is a private school. Both along and angah are schooling there. Every year there'll be Hari Sukan for the school. This is the only time when these children get the chance to play at a real padang as the school doesn't have one. I remember when I was in primary and secondary school, all my schools except SSP have huge padang we can say 'sejauh mata memandang'. We had fun running on it and bergolek2 on the grass. I just love the smell of the fresh grass in the morning which I can still remember till now..

Below are pictures of the Hari Sukan Al-Amin School that I had kept including this year. I just love to see the difference in the physical appearance of my kids when they grow. Along is in rumah BADAR (Red) while Angah is in rumah KHANDAK (Blue), they also have KHAIBAR (Yellow) and UHUD (Green) as well, named after the glorious war in Islam. They asked me what rumah I was in when I was small. I said Red. Yes, I always in the red house in whichever school I went. In SSP they named it after the precious stone. Mine was RUBY (red), there were SAPPHIRE (blue), EMERALD (green) and TOPAZ (yellow).. We were also being put in the same dormitory following the house group that we are in, the colour of our name tag also will follow the colour of the rumah .. I can even still remember my friend's house colour.. Ina, June, Elin, Yana, Jah, Azel are RUBY's and we stayed in the same dormitory. Gayah and Syeeqah also RUBY's but they were in the other dorm (our neighbour). Ella, As, Nora and Anne (EMERALD), Syeedah, Nini, Nita, Normi I can't really remember.. Was it Topaz?

But no matter how or where the school put us, the spirit of the same class (ILMU) is much more stronger.. He..He.. My kids asked their father about his house colour. He said BLACK!! They were 'melopong', I'm too.. Why BLACK..instead of other beautiful colours ?? But it was true that his house colour was BLACK (Ahmad), there were also WHITE (Idris), RED (Sulaiman) and YELLOW (Mohd Shah), it was named after the Sultan's name who were the old boys of MCKK... Both Along and Angah still wondering coz for them it should only be 4 colours for the house .. and BLACK and WHITE are exceptional.. He..He..He..

During Al-Amin Sports Day, you have to be energetic and running as well. This is because they separate the boys (aulad) and the girls (banat) acara at different places. So, if you have both banat and aulad in the family, you will have to running here and there to snap the pictures..He..He.. But it is good in terms of teaching them about 'aurat'..


Along was in Standard 1, angah was 4, not yet in Al-AminYEAR 2008 SPORTS DAY:

The Mascot for BADAR (Looks like Tiger though the head for the middle one was black in colour Ha..Ha..Ha..)

Angah (in Standard 1), the first from kumpulan KHANDAK (blue) masuk acara lari bawa belon

Getting ready to jump or run or crawl or whatever as long as they do not hold the balloon with their hands

Angah with his friend and adik

Waitting for the next acara

Next acara - lari ikat kaki

Along's turn - Acara lari dalam guni

Along was running in the guni.. He..He..

Changing place with friend to continue the race...


Angah showing his so called whiskers on his face

Only angah's photo, no photos of along's - this is what I mean by being fit to run here and there to snap photos on time He.. He..

And this is what I mean about the spirit of the "ILMU" class. He..He

Gathering at my house Oct 08 if I'm not mistaken (from left: As, me with Nita's 2nd daughter, Syeedah, Annee, Ella with Nita's baby, Nita with her 1st daughter)

Gathering at Ella's house Dec 08 (From left: Syeedah with her daughter Iffah, Ina, me, Ella-infront of me, Annee with my son Muhammad, Gayah with her children and Nora)

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